Distance is a 3D-animated series of dystopian fables revolving around themes of social alienation and discord.
The piece will be divided into five distinct acts with different sub-themes, from exploitation and class struggle to obsession and narcissism.
The first act is to be completed by the spring and will be available to watch for everyone online by 2023.
Distance takes place in the Oxidized Realm. Its inhabitants are connected together as a single consciousness by a gigantic machine called the Engine Tree. The dance of the royal couple generates the necessary energy to power the engine and is the primordial influence over the world.
Thanks to the rulers' antagonistic effort can the balance of the realm sustain.
The nature is entirely artificial. This is a cold world, that looks more like the collective work of a sculptor, an architect and an engineer than a terrestrial biome. Every element has been thoroughly crafted, nothing is purely random or generic.
The hybrid architectural style of Distance mixes Brutalism and Art Deco with hints of Art Nouveau and Bauhaus. The four styles being variably dosed depending on the context, it gives the ability to feature either a very ostentatious look or a pure and minimalistic one.
The characters of Distance are sentient automatons. The conception of their complex mechanical bodies is vastly ornated with strong Art-Deco iconography. Each ornament and apparatus is a reflection of his social status and a hint at his character.    

 The king of the Oxidized Realm and the first of the two opposite forces that drive the momentum of the world. He has been stranded to his throne in the city's Hearth since forever and seem to have accommodated to it. In order to preserve the balance of the Realm, he diligently reproduces the same performance and compel his Queen to do the same.

The queen of the Oxidized Realm and the second of the two opposite forces that drive the momentum of the world. She is being woken up from her stasis everyday so that she can reproduce the same dispassionate dance. Jaded from the blandness of the routine, she will take her fate into her own hands.
Despite displaying vastly different aesthetics, the characters stay consistent in their design, and appear to be crafted following the same set of rules. Every creature is unique, and has a specific role in the universe, its very existence always serving a metaphore.

A mysterious being who dwells in the spires of the regal gardens. Alienated by most, he occupies his lonesome existence crafting small mechanical birds and put them illegally for display all around the realm.

An antique dealer who lives in his shop in the depths of the Oxidized City. He is a rather greedy and obnoxious little being, living in art-driven world, yet focusing on growing his capital.
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